Golden Globe Feng Shui Prosperity Fountain

This custom designed tabletop water fountain won First Prize in an international competition for the design of Feng Shui water features. It was designed and is endorsed by Grand Master Prof. Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim, founder and director of the world's largest college of Feng Shui.

>Activating the "Water Dragon" energies with this specially designed water fountain is the quickest and most cost-effective way to enhance your personal and business prosperity. Buy one now, and reap the benefits!

The electro-plated golden globe is about 6.5 inches in diameter. The blue bowl is about 10.5 inches wide and 2.75 inches deep.

SORRY, BUT THIS ITEM IS OUT OF STOCK. However, we have a few similar design fountains in stock in solid colors (off-white and blue). Please call (925) 754-8858 or email us for a price quote.

Special benefits include:

Promotion of greater prosperity consciousness through the original, electro-plated and glazed golden-color globe and bowl design.

Promotion of higher vitality for humans, plants and animals by humidifying indoor air in homes and offices.

Effective radius of 30 feet, based upon the unique omni-directional design. Place near the entrance to the room or a window for the maximum circulation of positive, vital energy.

An ideal solution for moving stagnant indoor air and dispersing lingering odors. It can be used with aromatherapy oils--but this will require more maintenance.

Promotion of relaxation and creativity due to the subtle effects of brain wave entrainment at Alpha brain wave frequencies (8-12 cycles/second) due to flickering reflections from the golden globe, and pulsations from the moving water.

Small footprint, quiet motor, adjustable water flow, low maintenance.

Comparable in quality, aesthetics, and effectiveness to custom-made Feng Shui fountains in Europe costing more than three times more.

The design of this fountain is based upon many sublime Feng Shui principles. It increases both Yang energy and Yin energy in a balanced way. It can be used to increase the influence of the Water Element and the Metal Element whenever rebalancing of the Five Elements is needed.

High quality materials and ceramic construction should result in long operating life. Comes pre-assembled with tubing and submersible water pump. Just rinse off the dust, fill the bowl with water, and feel more positive energy, in just a few minutes!

Installation and delivery are available in the San Francisco Bay Area at a small, additional cost. Please email us or call (925) 754-8858 during normal business hours (Pacific Time) for a price quote for this service. information about the Feng Shui and Astrology Courses.