Rudraksha Precious Jewelry



One-Face (Eka Mukhi) Rudraksha, set in Sterling Silver pendant, with embossed "AUM" symbol on bale. Price: $300 USD plus applicable tax and shipping.




Two-Face Rudraksha, Natural Pearl, 21 karat yellow gold pendant.



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Side view of Two-Face Rudraksha pendant.






Five-Face Rudraksha, Yellow Sapphire, 21 karat yellow gold pendant.






Five-Face Rudraksha,  4mm Natural Yellow Sapphire, set in 21 karat yellow gold pendant.  Offered at $988 USD plus any applicable tax and shipping.






Nine-Face Rudraksha, Catseye Chrysoberyl, 21 karat yellow gold pendant






Gauri-Shankar Rudraksha, Navaratna (9 Gemstones) pendant.