Stephen Quong at Mount Kailash, Tibet, Guru Poornima, The Year of the Horse, 26 July 2002

4-7 December 2014: Spiritual Healing Workshops in Queretaro, Mexico.

Daily Morning Qigong Program

Thursday, 4 December: Morning: Review of Previous Teachings. Afternoon: Medicine Buddha Healing Dharma Practice.

Friday, 5 December: Spiritual Healing of Past Life Traumas.

Saturday, 6 December: Morning: Treasure Vase Qi Dharma. Afternoon: Time Travel (Level 3) and the Longevity Code.

Sunday, 7 December: Morning: Buddhist Healing Yantras. Afternoon: Sri Chakra Puja for Prosperity and Spiritual Protection.

8-10 December: Private Consultations (Vedic Astrology or Spiritual Healing)

Spring 2015 Program

Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lectures on Vedic Astrology and Spiritual Healing. Private Consultations. (dates and program to be arranged)