Crystal Qi-Gong Healing Mysteries

An original course on Crystal Healing and Vedic Gem Therapy
taught by Stephen Quong, Ph.D., F.I.C.A.S., Dipl. F.S.C.

Certified Planetary Gem Advisor; Founding Member, Planetary Gemologist Association; Vedic Astrologer - Jyotisha Vachaspati and Life Fellow, Indian Council of Astrological Sciences; Certified Qi-Mag Feng Shui & Geobiology Consultant; Pranic Healer; Certified Practitioner of the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetic Medicine.

Location: to be arranged

Date: Please call or email me to be on waiting list for the next class.

Tuition: $200 USD

Registration: to be arranged

Mail checks to: Quong Associates, PO Box 4524, Antioch, CA 94531

This workshop will provide you with knowledge and techniques which will help you to:

1. Enhance your intuition

2. Improve your health.

3. Release blockages in all areas of life.

4. Increase your ability for self-healing, and for assisting others to heal themselves.


An Advanced Course on Crystal Healing:

1. History and structure of crystals

2. Relevance of number of sides crystals

3. How to choose a healing crystal

4. Color, Clarity and inclusions

5. How to cleanse a crystal

6. Programming and Deprogramming

7. Crystal Qi-Gong Healing techniques

8. Where to place in household

9. Healing pets and larger animals

10. Remote/distant healing

11. Significance of country of origin


Crystals for time travel

Crystals for Meditation

Dowsing, Applied Kinesiology and Crystal Healing

Using Crystals for Spiritual Protection

Using Crystals for Feng Shui

Using Crystals for Space Clearing

Psychotronic and Radionic Uses of Crystals

Using Crystals for Agriculture and Gardening

Principles of designing custom-cut crystal healing tools

Other topics to be announced at the workshop.

Please call +1 (925) 754-8858 or email for a current schedule of upcoming courses.